Welcome to a new era for Nexly! by WesJD

Hello Nexlians!

Welcome to a new era for the Nexly Network. Three months ago, TheMrGong and I came up with the idea to have players be able to pay for a small fee at an hourly rate to run our Super Smash Blocks gamemode. Last month, TheMrGong put the server online to test this feature, where it had a large flock of players during the test. As a result, we let the server run on the free DigitalOcean credit that he used to run the initial test.

Today marks the end of that free DigitalOcean credit. Thankfully, during the time that the server was online, a few players were gracious enough to donate on our online store. As a result, the Nexly Network will continue to stay online as long as it recieves enough donations to operate.

To be as transparent as possible, the cost to host the Super Smash Blocks gamemode at this time (which is the only gamemode are running right now) is $12/month. We ask that if you enjoy our product, please consider donating at our store to help the server stay up and further develop the gamemode.

Furthermore, since the server is no longer ran for free, all of our rules are now enforced. This is required because not enforcing general gameplay rules could cost us money that would help the server to stay online longer.

Overall, the entire Nexly staff team cannot thank the community enough for seeking to support our gamemode again. We love the game just as much as you do and can’t wait to see you online!

– WesJD